28 June 2010

How you know you are overweight?

There are alot of scales and guides and talk about Body Mass Index and what not to tell you if you are overweight or not. Those are scientific methods and more often then not are idealised ways to measure if a person is overweight. However the only way to know you are trully overweight is when a blind person tell you that you are overweight. That is the ultimate warning sign.

I went for a bling massage recently and while the guy was massaging my back said:

Guy massaging me:   Abang ada buat senaman ke?
Me                      :   Ada main badminton.
Guy Massaging me: Oh! Badan abang terlebih lemak lah
Me                      :  Tapi saya setiap hari Ahad ada main badminton

That is when I know I am overweight. What added insult to injury was he said "Main Badminton Bagus. Biasanye orang main badminton badan tegap". Oh yea he wasn't talking about me.

I was like WHAT!!!!

Yea looks like cannot keep on using camera trick to make me look thin already. Need to really work the fat out.


  1. You look fine lar Mr Do-Rae-Mon ;-D


  2. *sweat*crow fly above head*crow shits on head*


    Looks like we gotta resume our Sat morning run?

  3. DW: Oh yea I look fine for a round robotic cat with round hands and legs

    Steph: Oh yea we should. Time for us to train for our next run

  4. yea man, i was beside him, wondering if i should feel insulted (on his behalf) or laugh...hahahahaha

    hahha...yea!!...i miss our runs...then breakfast!...hahaha

  5. hahahhaa...dats absolutely hilarious....told u earlier to get ur arse in gear and do some sports....and amy....saturday runs are good, u gurls can have breakfast but jason should stay clear off em...lol...wats point of losing weight and then gaining it back again...jason's allowed a protein shake...lol....

  6. Set!! But I can't start this Sat...gotta work this weekend. You guys start first. :)

  7. Amy: I knew silently you are laughing behind the curtains. Haha

    Aaron: I am trying my best. Morning jogs and Sunday badminton. Need to lose weight for the photography. Without you here we do not do that much stuff on weekends anymore.

    Steph: Which weekend do you not work any adays anyway?

  8. muahahahahahahahaha!!! *ROTFL*** good morning to start with!! i was so dem moody this morning cos i slipped in my bathroom. BANG!!!! My left head went down first then followed by my bum...HArd on the tiles!! WTF!!

    Yeah!! let's resume our morning run!! but i might have problem waking up!

  9. After that BANG i think anyone will have a problem waking up.