30 June 2010

One One Three Seafood

For a while now I was told by many people that Sepang and Dengkil area has some good and "cheap" seafood restaurants. Never knew where they were at all. Since we were over in Putrajaya for the International Dragon Boat race, we decided to head to Dengkil for some seafood.

Armed with Tirath's GPS nicknamed Nokia, we followed the silky voice of Nokia to One One Three Seafood. Now seriously without the GPS I would have never ever found this place. It is pretty much in the middle of no where and there is this big seafood restaurant.

We go there and all of us were hungry.

We were so hungry and we just ran for the nearest empty seat and didn't even realised that there was actually an air conditioned area. After we discovered the A/C area we were so tired that we decided to just sit where we were and enjoy the food. We ordered steam fish, tofu, special roast chicken and a veg dish.

The food came pretty fast and it actually taste pretty good. However we realised we were looking for seafood and only ordered one seafood related dish. The fish was nice and fresh albeit a little huge for 4 people. The roast chicken was pretty interesting as the skin was crispy and they covered it with some lemon/lime sauce. Highly recommended if you ever able to find it.

I didn't think it was all that cheap as in the end it cost us something like 60+bucks for the 4 dishes. However we were satisfied with the food and all we cared about was heading back home to shower and take a nap. Haha. Guess that also explains the "Abang Punya badan lebih lemak"


  1. *drool*

    but first time i hear someone complaining "fish too huge"...


  2. Well because we cannot finish that is why. Haha

  3. Your photos are making me hungry! And it's raining today and I'll be stuck in a jam. There is no justice in this world. :(

  4. Well then the photos has done its job.

    Wah say until like that are? I thought jam is part of the job when you work in KL. Should faster go ask BNM to shift to cyber. Less jam.