01 June 2010

Ramen Crazy

I didn't know that Singaporean people were Ramen Crazy. There are so many Ramen places in Singapore and everyone has their favourite ramen place. The last time I was in Singapore Amy brought me to Marutama at Central Clarke Quay and it was really good. This time around one of Amy's friends brought us to Yoshimaru at East Coast Park.

All of us ordered the same ramen which is basically inclusive of everything which includes Char Siu, Egg, seaweed and some fish row. The broth was actually pretty good and just as good as Marutama. The ramen itself was okay. All in all it was a good bowl of ramen but the place is really small and the service wasn't fantastic.

We were also fascinated with something on the table. Can you guess what it is?

It is actually like a pepper crusher type thing but for sesame seeds. Took us a while to figure it out. Laura also suggested we order a plate of chicken Karaage to share and she said it was the best.

It was pretty good, it kinda taste a little like the XXL chicken by Shilin but what sets it apart from the rest is the peppery powder that comes with it. We have to thank the newly wed couple (Laura and Ron) for picking us up, bringing us to Yoshimaru and also paying for lunch.

The very next day while we were walking around at the famous Orchard Road, we passed this super exclusive shopping comples called Mandarin @ Orchard. Amy told me that someone told her that there is a nice ramen place there. We were there just before 12 and know what, there is already a queue. So we decided since we were there we should give it a try.

I ordered the most simple of the ramen which is basically noodles, couple of piece of char sui and some japanese ginger. Amy order something similar but with garlic oil, sesame seed oil and fish row.

What was interesting was that at most ramen places, you can always ask for fried garlic. However this place didn't have any fried garlic but they had fresh garlic. The other interesting thing is that, Ippudo is the only place that actually asked us if we want our ramen soft, normal or hard. To be on the safe side both of us ordered normal.

I was quite excited about this bowl of ramen because it is the first bowl that used pork broth instead of chicken. Unfortunately the pork actually gave it quite a distinct (smelly) taste to the broth. I added some fresh garlic and it started to taste a whole load better. Unfortunately it was the most disappointing bowl of ramen we had in Singapore. I would rate Marutama as the best, followed very closely with Yoshimaru and finally Ippudo. However the noodles at Ippudo was the best of them all.

Our satisfied face after we all the Ramen Crazy


  1. Amy, did you straighten your hair?

  2. Wah must been a while since you girls met up. She has had her hair straighten for a while now. Next week is yam cha week. We need to meet up. HAha

  3. @steph: Yup.. Did it just before my stint over to SG...:)

  4. weiiii you should try ramen in JAPAN.....omgggggg

  5. Aiyoh of course different lar. Ramen is from Japan man. There is no fight. So not so rich people like us have to get the second best. Haha