26 May 2010

A whole lot of water

Usually before heading overseas, I would check the weather forecast to see if it is cold and if I should bring winter clothings and stuff. This time the place I was heading the forecast was for lots of rain throughout the whole week. So I went out to get myself a 13 buck umbrella from Guardian and I was thinking I am super prepared.

When I landed it rained, when I got out of the train it rained, when I walked out of the train station it was still raining, after I checked in it was too early to get a room so I sat at the hotel lobby for 2 hours it rained, I got hungry and went to get some breakfast it was still raining, when I walked back to the hotel after breakfast it rained, I checked in and I realised I need to head to the phone shop to refill my internet credit it still rained, I got back to hotel and stayed in the hotel till lunch it rained, I walked out to buy lunch it drizzled, I stayed in the hotel till dinner and it rain throughout and finally when I went out for dinner it rained EVEN HEAVIER.

I guess you get the point that it pretty much rained throughout the whole entire freaking day. The ironic thing is on the plane on the way there, I was watching the movie The Book of Eli and they didn't have enough water.

What is even more ironic is that everytime I got out of the any covered area it just rained heavier. My 13 buck umbrella saved me a whole lot but I guess 13 bucks can only get you so far. It kinda broke on the first day of usage. It still works but one part cannot deploy automatically and needs a little prod to full deploy.

This was the aftermath of my dinner outing.....

Oh yea the second picture is actually the inner soles of my LEATHER working shoe. It was quite gross that night as my shoe was left on the AC vent to dry along with my jeans and my socks got the hair dryer treatment. My neighbour must have thought I had really really really long hair.
Enough to say that it was a bad all to be there but nothing lifts the soul more then some decent food.

This was what I had for lunch and it really warmed me up right away. The minestrone soup was pretty good althought re-heated using a microwave oven. The coffee was okay but not great and the pie was really good as it was filled with chunky pieces of beef. The coffee and soup cup made me smile as well.

For dinner I walked to the hotel I was going to have my training to find where it was and then walked a good KM and found nothing to eat. So went to the Jap place right beside me hotel to get some hot and steaming ramen.

It looks good but it didn't taste fantastic. There were 2 japanese places side by side and the whole reason why I picked the one that I did was because it has been visited by Iron Chef Japanese. I would think it should be like the best Jap food. However I was disappointed.

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