04 May 2010

Underwater, overwater, just above water

Since we were heading to Krabi, we had the crazy idea of getting some waterproof camera and to go crazy with it. We only thought of it last minute and had to run all over the MidValley and Gardens to get it. In the end i found the cheapest at a shop in MidValley. Could not remember the name.

It is the most rudimentary camera that I have used to far. It doesn't have any auto focus, it doesn't have flash, it doesn't have any controls to control the shutter speed and it only has 1 lever to take a photo and a dial to advance the film.

Before taking it to Phi Phi we decided to try it out in the pool first.

That is Amy's face behind the float.

Once we were familiar with the controls, we have 54 shots to go nuts in the sea around Phi Phi Island.

Check out the nice clear water. Love the water around the Phi Phi Island. It is super clear and it was teaming with fishes. Unfortunately the corals were all dead or dying due to people like us I guess. The corals had no color at all.

While we were swimming at one of the snorkelling spots we spots a very very very rare water creature. Our captain told us that they only see it once in a blue moon. It is commonly know as the dugong. Amy had her camera ready and snapped away.

Yea this dugong was quite rare alright. He knows how to take pictures of corals one. Haha


  1. The Dugong was first spotted in the pool at Ju's apartment, remember? Wtf.

    PS: I witnessed my Dad killing one of the reefs by stepping on it. >.<

  2. Hahahaha. Oh yea totally forgot about it. This a rare dugong indeed. Can live both in sea and fresh water.

    Oh yea you told me about it when you went to Phi Phi. Haha