07 May 2010

Sanbanto SS2

Couple of weeks back, just before Amy left for Singapore for work, we decided to give this porky dinner outlet a try. We have seen it quite a few times in the past but we never actually went in to have dinner. Basically it is actually a butcher that sells pork but also has a small restaurant in it. Apparently they are selling organic pork. I think it is one of those buzz words now Organic.

Anyway they do not really have many tables in the restaurant and when we were there, we had to wait over 20 minutes for a table. Usually I am not a person who will wait for a table but since we have been talking about it for a while and the person taking orders was actually quite friendly, I decided why not. After all I got Amy to accompany me.

After we got our table, Amy ordered the Pork Bolonaise, I ordered the pork burger with portobello mushroom and to share we ordered a pork salad with honey and mustard sauce.

Yea we were so hungry when the food arrived that we went at it before we even thought of taking pictures. The salad was so so. Nothing special and the sauce was maybe a little to sweat for my liking. The pasta was pretty good and the burger was fantastic. The patty was nice and juicy and very flavoursome as well.

Price wise it is ain't that bad as well at around 20+ bucks for the burger and the pasta was under 20. The service was fantastic as well because we got our food about 15 minutes after we ordered and you can see right into the kitchen which is really clean as well.

I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a meal filled with pork. Go early or prepare to wait for a table.

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  1. Went to SS2 branch.

    Service is bad. Staff is rude.

    Tried to buy some fresh pork too. Got scolded for asking them to cut up for me.