17 May 2010

Here it all goes again

Yup once again I am at the airport heading off to far far away land. As usual the endless waiting for the planes and this time around it is worst since I got a 2 hour lay over in Singapore. Usually I rather take a direct flight but this time around the timing would not allow me to do it.

This idiot of a so called season traveller this time around forgot to bring his power plug converter. I would think that would be the first thing someone packs when going to a country where the power plug is different. Moreover for a guy who does it often.

Had to waste money to buy one at the airport and I went cheap. I got one that is specifically used for the country I am going to. It cost me RM15.90 compared to the RM40 for the cheap multi country and one RM99 for the swiss travel product one. Hope it is the right one.

I am one idiot of a business traveller. Haha

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