13 May 2010

The Number 13

Most people out there are scared of the number 13. They think that it will bring them bad luck just as much as the number 4. It has becomes such a myth that people actually refuse to stay on the 13th floor and most high rise rename the 13th floor. However in reality it is still the 13th floor.

However the number 13 is the opposite for both me and Amy. We consider it a lucky day because it was on the 13th of August 2006 that we got together as a couple for the first time. So today on the 13th of May 2010 it has been 3 years and 9 months. It has been a long time and I would say most of it is good and only a small part of it is bad. This is important in a relationship as one of my most unlike friend told me once.

"In a relationship, you must ensure there are more good moments then there are bad moments. The reason for this is because during the bad times, you will forget all the good moment and  remember all the bad moments. It is the good moments that will bring you through the bad times"

He told me that over 3 years ago and till now I still remember it and keep it at heart. Anyway, usually I always take pictures of other people and because Amy is always sitting to the right of left side of me, I seldom ever take much pictures of her. Recently I decided since I got nothing to do, I shall take some pictures of her.

One thing great about Amy is that at any time she will stick her tongue out and give me a cheeky look. It makes her look cute and that is when my shutter will keep on clicking.

Amy had changed me and made me a more matured person I would think. I still retain some childhood-ness in me and I think it is important we all do. I still do things like burp in front of her and always make stupid faces in front of the camera. What to do, muka mangkuk already, since cannot make it better so better to make it worst. However there are things which I have changed like reduce my swearing and also reduce blasphemy. There are still things I have to change but of course you can't change with the flick of a switch. The best thing about Amy is of course her smile.

This is her puppy dog smile that of course melts everyone's heart.

This is the pose if front of the camera smile. Yes everyone has it. If you look back at all your pictures you will see that you smile a certain way when you are in front of the camera and it is quite consistant. However the best smile is a spontenous smile.

This is the smile that attracts me to Amy and apparently Amy tells me I also got a smile that she really likes. However since I am the one doing the smiling and it has never got caught on camera so I really don't know how it looks like. :)

I am glad that I met Amy about 4 years ago on the "battlefield" and till today I still say that alot of things had to go right for that to happen. I think Amy has also given a good impression on my friends because recently I was having lunch with a friend and she told me.

"If you ever break up with Amy, we will divorce you and be friends with Amy instead. She is such a lovely girl"

I was shocked and to think that I have know this friend since form 3 which is like what almost 13 years now. Well hopefully it will never happen.

In any case, it still amazes me that after close to 4 years, we still treasure each other and we still find ways to make the relationship different from the rest. I appreciate how Amy copes with some of my bad habits and yes I have loads of bad habits. Ask Amy. 

I hope or should I say I know our relationship will last a life time and I will keep it that way. I am more afraid my friends will leave be if I leave Amy :(


  1. Awwwww....that's so sweet Jason! Indeed Amy is the perfect girl for u man! u are dem lucky!

    Not only divorce u, i know where u live and what car u drive and your phone number. =D

  2. Wah lau sharon. Sorry lar that I forgot to include you in the email. Dun need like that. Too much lar all my friends pick Amy's side :(

  3. *I'm all smiles* Think this is the first time I am fully featured in his blog...I like it...hehehe....;)

    And yes, you do have 'that' smile, which i love.. Don't think it can be caught on camera (yet), cos it doesn't show in front of others...hehehe....atleast not that i have noticed...

    I am grateful that your friends became my friends and are still our friends. And vice...;)...And even more blessed that they are on my side, if things dont work out...hahahahah...*thanks girls!!!!*

  4. Yea I think this is the first post that fully featuring you on any of my blog. Guess it shows how important you are too me.

    Too much lar all this girls. Haih. :(

  5. You know what?...you tell me alot about you when you write about me...;)

  6. Jason Ting Siang Jin, I will KILL you if you let Amy get away!! >=(

    Ps. Happy 3 yrs + 9 mths Annversary!! :)

  7. Wats with all you girls man? Everyone should be on myside. Shouldn't have introduced Amy to the gang.


  8. Apparently I'm the first guy to reply, you really in bad shape Jason if you let her slip from you. So I guess I am considered to be on her side hehehehe

  9. Hahaha. All of you dem teruk man. Too much wei. No one on my side somemore :(