05 May 2010

Sydney Australia 2010

Well most of you might have already known that I went all the way to Sydney couple weeks back and I totally forgot to bring a memory card for my camera. So what to do, have to use the most expensive camera in the world but also forgets the most one. Lucky for me I got a spare.

The grapes in the glasses is quite a funny story. I bought  grapes from the supermarket, went home, washed them and realised there wasn't anything or anywhere for me to put the grapes which will ensure that it is clean. In the end found the wine glasses to thought that had to do. Ironic I know.

One of the nights, I went out with 2 of my uni friends from Perth who were working in Sydney. We ordered so much that we were so stuffed at the end of the night and the bill came up to AUD150. Madness. We ordered 3 full size pizza and a salad to go with it. We washed everything down with 1 liter of their house wine and followed by a Tiramisu and a Nutella pizza for dessert. Finally to top things off, Alvin and I took a cuppa of coffee each. It was great to catch up with this guys and we had quite a bit of fun.

Didn't take much pictures after that because most of the time I was quite busy until the last night when I went to my aunt's place at The Rocks. On the way there I noticed a cruise ship was docked in Sydney Harbour. On the way back I tried to take a picture.

Well at least there is the outline of the cruise ship. My camera phone was holding up pretty well for a small 2mp camera.

The nex sequence of pictures were taken at the airport as I waited for my flight. I was kinda bored but the good thing about this trip was that it was my first time using my Enrich Silver card. I could check in at the business class lane and the lady actually thought I was flying business. She gave me a express pass which allowed me to by pass all the queue at immigration and security check.

The pictures turned out pretty well for such a small and under functioned camera. Well it had to do for this trip I guess.

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