03 May 2010


While we were at Krabi, we kept walking pass this really nice looking cafe a few doors away from our hotel. It caught my eye on the first day but becuase we were into the whole Thai experience we didn't really feel like anyhing western othen then the alcohol. Even that I drank mostly Thai brands of beer.

On the last day since we had an afternoon flight and had a couple hours to kill. We decided not to walk far because it was freaking hot and didn't really feel like sweating it out. So we decided to have coffee at Ideary.

The interior and exterior was nicely decorated and looked like a nice cafe in the States or something.

Both of us ordered our  cups of coffee and settled on the couch that was facing towards the outside of the shop

After awhile we stared to get creative and did some cam whoring since we were the only people in the cafe other then the lady who served us the coffee. I think she must have thought we were high on drugs or alcohol or something.

Note how the couch faces the outside of the cafe. It was pretty cool and we enjoyed just sitting there and watching people walk by and enjoying their day. We also were thinking that lucky we are in the AC and not outside in the hot sun.

Since I had on the 50mm, I also decided to do some portrait shots for Amy...

It was a nice place to hang and kill sometime and end our short holiday.


  1. hmm..the last few shots reminds me of how Russel Peters tried to smile for his passport shot!....

    *sir sir, you can't smile*
    Russel then gives him this smirky smiley grin...hahaha

  2. They remind me of "Got milk?" ads. :)

    I like the pic of you guys looking at each other on the couch. Nice!!

  3. Hahahaha. Weird that my picture remind you both of something different

    The couch pictures required alot of mucking around to get it right. Glad you like it