10 May 2010


About a couple of months back my glasses cracked and I had to find a replacement quick smart. We went to Sunway pyramid and after walking almost the entire shopping complex, I saw a pair of Nike Glasses which was really nice. I almost wanted to get it but it would cost me 700+ bucks including the lens.

On our way to the parking lot I saw another optical shop called 100 Vision. Decided why not just go check it out. Walked in and the guy told me all the frames on this display cabinet is 400 bucks including lens. I saw a pair of Rudy Projects and I knew usually it sells about the same price as Oakleys. I double and actually triple confirmed with the guy and he said yea 400 bucks with lens.

Could not believe my luck and it fit me quite nicely and it has half frame which is one of Amy's requirements. So I decided to get it. However less then 1 month later, the paint started peeling at the joints.

It was actually cracking on both sides of the joints and I cannot tahan already. I am convinced they sold me a fake but not only a fake but a really badly made fake.Went back to complain and the guy asked me to give him the receipt. The funny thing is that when I went to collect my glasses, I gave the receipt to them and never got one back. So after 15 min of arguing I told him, come on you look at your records. You will see that I got my glasses from you and it is less then a month ago. After awhile he relented but not before trying to check my lens out. I think he was looking to see if I dropped the glasses or something.

The next time I went back was to choose my new frame because so happen the following week I had to go overseas for work. When I went back, initially the guy said that they didn't have the same pair that I took and I can choose any other frame around the same price. Anything extra I would have to fork out extra. I found quite a few that looked ok but then the guy started to say things like well this frame will be okay but your current lens won't fit or it won't look nice with your current lens.

Then I realised he is trying to reuse my lens and after 1 other hour of complaining and arguing he finally again relented and say he will make a new pair of lens for me. Unfortunately I really could not find a nice one that fit me. Ended up forking out an extra 440 bucks on a pair of Oakleys.

First time I ever paid so much for a pair of glasses and in retrospec I should have paid 700 bucks for the Nike in the first place. Well my advice to anyone looking for a pair of glasses. DO NOT GO to this STUPID, FAKE SELLING optican called 100 Vision. They are under Bolton Vision which is I guess their parents company. Do not go there either.


  1. Tsk tsk tsk.

    Go to my optician - Reliance in Bangsar.

    Pricey but you pay for quality and excellent service (during and after). :)

  2. Usually my optican is in Sitiawan. Dem cheap and dem good. My last pair cost me 200 bucks for Swatch frame and lens and lasted me almost 2 years no problem