12 May 2010


2 weekends back I made a snap decision to head down to Singapore to accompany Amy over the weekend and also to have a very very very short holiday. Took Aeroline down to Singapore and I am quite impressed with the upgrades they have done since 2 years back. The seats are much more comfortable now, they have individual audio system like aeroplanes and the bus is really smooth on the road. The only thing is now they use only 1 driver instead of 2 and the toilet is still extremely dirty.

On Saturday morning we took it really easy and woke up late and headed out to look for breakfast. We decided to first head to the Marina Bay area because we wanted to go check out the double helix and Marina Bay Sands. We took the MRT to Marina Bay station thinking that Marina Bay Sands would be near by. Unfortunately we were on the other side of Marina Bay Sands and we were actually looking for some food first. So we walked around to get to Raffles place.

Took us about an hour to get from Marina Bay MRT station to Raffles place and it was freaking hot. We were sweating like mad and poor Amy had to wait for me and sometimes in the hot sun while I took pictures. We had lunch at one of the food court there and then we walked around the area through some of the shopping complex. I became a stalker and took this...

I was scared she thinks I was a real stalker and call the cops on me or something. I wanted to go see the Fountain of Wealth at SunTech city as because 3 times I have been to Singapore and 3 times it was not working. It wasn't working this time again. So looks like I will never be wealthy. :(

We got seriously tired and decided to give Marina Bay Sands a miss but as we walked into Promenade MRT station we saw the sign to the Helix. We thought it should be near by and decided to walk it since we are already there anyway. It was again another long walk in the sun and it was somehing like 1 or 2pm in the afternoon where the sun is at its best.

After seeing the helix, we said well we cannot possible be here and not walk on the Helix so we started to walk towards the Marina Bay Sands hotel.

There was super crazy alot of people walking towards the hotel and the casino. We were again sweating like mad and we went into the first AC place which is the Marina Bay Sands shopping complex. Unfortunately alot of the project is still in construction and it includes the shopping complex.

We went home after the long hot walk back and rested till we felt hungry. At night Amy wanted to bring me to this Ramen place she has been raving about.

Notice how tan I look compared to normal. It was that hot during the day that I almost got a sun burn. We got to Marutama Ramen at around 630 and guess what there is already a line in front of the restaurant. It only serves Ramen and only 4 types and some finger food like gyoza and char siu. We order our respective ramen and Amy said we had to add in the Tamago because it was special.

Drooling yet? The Ramen was especially tasty and the brooth was perfect. Too bad they are using chicken brooth. I think if they were using pork it would have tasted even better. This is one of those times where I actually finished the soup of a bowl of noodles that is not home cooked. It was that good and the Tamago was pretty special as well. The outer part of the egg is hard boiled and the middle of the egg is still soft boiled. We also ordered some gyoza for sides.

The gyoza was okay but the vinegar they used is that made it special. All in all I can say it is the second best bowl of ramen I have ever had. The best bowl of ramen I had was in Indonesia at Nikko hotel right beside the Japanese embassy. Can't beat that I guess.

After dinner we waddled ourselves around Clarke Quay and finally ending up at our fav place for Mojito. 2 years back we were in Singapore and we went to Cuba Libre for dinner because they had a live band. In the end the live band didn't show up but we were entertained by a rasta looking bartender and we had buy 1 free 1 Mojito and it was GOOD. They still had the buy 1 free 1 Mojito so we order 2 Mojito.

Both of us walked back a little tipsy and laughing our socks off at everything. We checekd out the Hooter girls and well both of us said there is nothing really much to hoot about. It was a good Saturday spent with Amy in Singapore and I never regretted paying for the bus ride down to Singapore.

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