05 May 2010

I am on the News Paper

Today I came back like normal but maybe slightly earlier then in the past couple of months. Anyway I was reading The Star after dinner and I found out I was featured in the newpaper. I didn't even know about it.

I didn't even know I was in Sibu and I didn't know that I was a secretary to Sarawak DAP Chairman. Do not know what I am muttering about? Think I have lost my marbles? Well check this out

Oh yea that is my name but unfortunately that ain't me. Cannot claim my spot in the newpaper. :( Oh well back to me plain old Jason Ting Siang Jin


  1. hahahaha....i was wondering what kinda article they put you in!!!....

  2. Hahahaha. What? It say Jason Ting. I thought I was special but looks like not so special but special case only. Haha