17 May 2010

The Men Commandments

1. Thou Shalt not look at the instructions when assembling flat pack furniture 
(This is quite true)

2. Thou Shalt cook drunkenly at 2am when you come home from the pub
(Never tried it before but I it is withing the realms of something I would do)

3. Thou Shalt never talk about your emotions
(This is quite true as well for most guys. I am trying to change but not easy)

4. Thou Shalt fear the telephone and avoid it at all cost
(Do not completely understand this)

5. Thou Shalt have a pair of favorite underpants and remain loyal to them forever
(This is just gross but I know some people do have it)

6. Thou shalt consider shopping as a military task - Get in, Get it, Get out 
(Completely agree with this and I do practice is)

7. Thou Shalt worship the 42inch plasma screen
(If I had one I would everyday)

8. Thou Shalt hate all musicals
(No Comments)

9. Thou Shalt not borrow another man's tools and not return them
(Uh this one not really sure lar. I do borrow tools but usually I do return them)

10. Thou Shalt swap bad jokes and trivia with fellow men
(I think there also dirty jokes)

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