27 April 2010

Phra Nang Inn

When Amy was planning our Krabi trip, I only gave her 2 conditions.

1. The hotel we stay must be right on the beach or within 2 min walking distance to the beach
2. It should be cheap

Well I can say that Amy fullfilled both conditions. Well actually I am not sure about the second condition. I paid for the thing but I do not actually know what was the cost of the hotel.

In any case when we got to Ao Nang, we checked into..

Apparently it is the first hotel in Krabi and has served customers for over 25 years. Recently they just renovated the place and it looks pretty good. Initially we were placed at the beach wing on the ground floor and basically we just have to walk out of our balcony and we can access the pool. However that wasn't what Amy ordered and they shifted us to the Spa wing.

This hotel is really nice because it is fully equipped. They provided bed room slippers, flip flops for going to the beach, 4 sets of towels (2 for showering and 2 for the beach and pool) and even sarong for when going to the beach. The best thing is...

Yup there is a bath tub in the room, not in the toilet but in the room itself. They even provided some spa stuff for us to use. Unfortunately we didn't really make use of the bath tub to do any spa things but we used it to soak our aching feet at night.

They had 2 pools and we only swam at the pool nearer to our room.

Most of the days we will be seen on the lazy chair IN the pool on the right side of the second photo. We will be seen there reading and getting a nice tan. 

The rest of the hotel looked pretty cool and yes if we walked by the back way, we would be on the beach itself already.

I would recommend this hotel to anyone who is visiting Ao Nang and looking for a relaxing holiday. Oh by the way it is lemongrass everywhere. The shampoo and shower gel they provided have lemongrass smell. Even the public toilet has a lemongrass scented oil burning and it really smells super good.

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