26 April 2010

Ao Nang Krabi

Couple of weeks back, we made a very snap decision to go for a short holiday in Krabi Thailand. Amy was in between jobs and I had 1 week off from traveling for work. This is the first time we actually planned a holiday which we didn't plan anything at all. All Amy did was to book the flight and book the hotel and off we went.

Prior to going to Krabi, I didn't even know what was there to do in Krabi other then head to the beach. Basically that is what we really wanted to do anyway. Relax on the beach and just pretty much do nothing.

We ended up eating alot, drinking alot, go for lots of Thai Massage, walked quite alot of as well, sweat bucket fulls and ate alot of Pad Thai.

This is basically how Ao Nang looks like. It is one main street with loads of shops selling gift, suits, restaurants and a whole load of White people walking around. This place could be like a town in Australia or Europe becuase there were more white people then there were other people.

The other side of the street you get the beach.

It was a trully relaxing holiday. Majority of the day started with breakfast at the hotel facing the beach, going to the beach to swim in the sea and to tan ourselves on the beach. When the sun got to hot to be on the beach we gathered our stuff and headed to the pool which was shaded and we would lazy around and read our respective reading material. Once in a while when it got too warm we would just head to the pool for a dip.

After all the water activities we would head for a Thai Massage and our favorite place is...

It is one of the most expensive Thai Massage around at 300 bath (normally it is around 200-250 bath) but it offered the best massage and has the best ambiance as well. We like it so much we went back there twice (we would go more but we ran out of days) and we even tipped our masseuse.

We walked around the place and took photos here and there.

All those huts are actually massage places. They offered the cheapest massage around for around 200 bath an hour. However of course you do not get any of the comforts that we got at Sawasdee. No there was no happy massage. You think Amy will allow me meh?

One of the days we took a day tour the phi phi island and it was fantastic. We went snorkeling in some of the clearest waters I have ever been to so far.

There was one part of the day tour where they dropped us into the middle of the ocean. The boat captain pretty much said okay everywhere around you is deep water except this part where it shelves up. We were waiting for everyone to get off the boat from the back when the captain told me, well if you do not want to take the life jackets, you can just go to the front of the boat and jump off. I looked at Amy, she gave me the half approval and half are you sure look. I took it as a yes and WHEEEE!!!!! SPLOSH!!!!! For not taking the life jacket I actually managed to swim closer to the corals and fishes but on the down side is I drank a heck alot of sea water.

It was a great short holiday. Now I am kinda missing Krabi all of a sudden. I think we need another relaxing beach holiday.

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  1. INDEEEEED we need another beach holiday!!...:D