01 April 2010

Mornington Peninsular

This morning we woke up to cook our own breakfast. Yes you heard it right, one of the reason why we decided to stay in Gundalee was because breakfast was included however you got to cook it yourself. They actually provided all the ingredients such as bacon, eggs, milk and bread. So we cooked up a feast and took it easy to finish off breakfast and cleaned up the place before leaving for Mornington Peninsular.

We took a slow drive along the coast of Mornington Peninsular taking in the sea breeze as well as the amazing sights along the way. We stopped at a point where they had very cute, brightly painted shacks.

Amy cannot tahan already so she had to do some cam whoring...

We drove off to the next spot and found out that these brightly colored shacks were everywhere. We stopped at one of the beach and Amy was so ghairah that she took her camera and went to take pictures. I took my time and took out my shoes and changed to my flip flops. I was planning to walk in the water and Amy was wondering what took me so long. Once both of us changed to our flip flops we walked towards the water.

I tell you the water was so freezing it wasn't funny. The moment my toes touched the water my balls shrank to the size of a raisin. I could not even stand in the water for more then 1 minute. My feet lost almost all feeling after a couple of seconds.

We drove along the coast and the weather turned for the worst. The clouds came in and the wind started to pick up. We went to Point Napean National park for some picture taking.

We also checked out the jetty where we will be taking the ferry across to Geelong tomorrow and head back to the motel. We bought some fish and chips on the way and feasted on it and fell asleep.

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