14 April 2010

F**king bad luck

Man the bad luck just continues and continues. This trip overseas has been just wreck with problems. This morning I woke up and I remembered that I had to put something into my bag. The thing was actually in a box which I left on the floor.Guess what? The bloody box is missing. I was like WTF!!!!!.

I was looking around the whole room to find if they actually moved the box somewhere because there is nothing to steal in there other then some office equipment. After about 5 minutes I realised that I have placed the box beside the rubbish bin and housekeeping might have thought it was rubbish.
The worst thing is that I couldn't remember if was still there on Monday. I think it was thrown away on Monday already. I called housekeeping and they do not have it there and they will come back to me when the person who is in charge of my room comes to work

WTF!!!!!! This is a really F**king trip that begin with loads of bad luck and bad luck continues. I don't know how to live out the next 3 days. Wish me luck.

PS: Sorry for all the cursing. I just cannot believe it.


  1. my gawd... you're cursed...

  2. HAhahaha. Oh yea man. When I need to go and buang suay.


  3. Relax lah. It's the law of attraction.

    You keep thinking of bad luck, hence you keep attracting it.

  4. HAhahaa. You got to admit it is super bad luck that my box got thrown away by house keeping. Never happened to anyone i know before.


  5. WOMAN! with all the bad luck happening, your GOOD luck is on the way d. waiting for you! =)ganbateh!

  6. Yea i am hoping for more good luck from now onwards. Still got 2 days to live thru. Haha.