07 April 2010

Melbourne Final Day

This will the the last night of our holiday. In the morning we again left super early in the morning and drove all the way back to Melbourne city. We left super early because we wanted to spend a whole day at the Royal Melbourne Show which was happening this weekend. We set off around 6am and it was freezing cold. Half way thru we had to stop for a toilet break and the thermostat register a very cold 7 deg outside temperature.

We got back to Melbourne around 9 to 10 am and we straight away dropped our bags in the hotel and took the train down to the Royal Melbourne Show. For those who do not know what the Royal Show is about. Basically it is a big carnival that happens once a year in major Australian cities.

It is a combination funfare, farm show, wine show and food show. They have all kinds of fun fare rides, they have pig and horse shows, they sell show bags, the winery will bring their best wines down for display, the farmers will bring their best breed of cows, sheeps, chicken, birds, dogs, you name it they got it.

It is like being a small kid again and we walked around the place the whole day. The first show we went to was the highlight which is the farm games and also the motor cross show.

After the bush games, came the highlight of the show which is the motorcross presentation. There was 3 crazy guys on motorcross bikes doing crazy stunts in front of us.

Right after the motorcross show, we wanted to go and check out the pig show. They have cute little pigs running around and going down slides into a small pool. Unfortunately for us, by the time we got there it was really fully packed to the brim. So we had to give it a miss and went to check out the wood choping competition and then the rides and finally the show bag hall.

The highlight of the Royal Show is actually the show bags. Show bags are basically plastic bags which they put all kinds of goodies inside like chocolate, sweets, girly magazines, skate boards, water gun, shirts, almost anything they can fit into a bag. They sell them for pretty cheap and man the line going to the show bag hall was MAD. They had to limit the amount of people going in because it was fully packed.

I didn't really capture the atmosphere of the show but visit Amy's FB page here for better pictures. Once our legs could carry us no more, we went back to rest and finally had dinner with my friends Ru Shyuan and Chi Sung.

We finished the night with another round of hot chocolate at Max Brenner. It was a really interesting and cool holiday. Would not forget for sometimes to come. I leave you all with some pictures of Melbourne city which I took on the final day before heading to the airport.

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  1. Crazy shots on the motorbike stunts!

    Could you pls email me the Excel checklist for Melbourne trip that Amy made? (thengyik@gmail.com)