19 April 2010

It keeps on giving

Well I guess I really have to write out that last week was one super "suay" week for me. After all the bad stuff that happened in Australia, it took a ride with me on the plane back home. Yesterday after 2 weeks of not playing badminton, I decided to get my fat arse out and get some exercise.

It was like any normal day at badminton until the 3rd game when I went for a jumping smash and pulled my back muscle again. When I landed I knew there was something wrong and I called the game off immediately. Now here I am in bed with the most terrible backache. Just moving anything remotely to do with my back muscle hurts like crazy. Last night I woke up at around 2am and I could not move my back at all. Any movement and my back would cramp up like mad.

The only consolation is that this time I pulled my back muscle while doing a jump smash instead of reach for my back pocket at a McDonald's drive thru. Hehe :S


  1. Omg, I hope you're ok. Did you see a Dr?

    After my super stressfull weekend (my first ever event), I'm down with viral flu today. Temp is39 degrees. Dr suspects dengue. So I've been in bed all day with my whole body aching including my head. Test results aren't out yet. *fingers crossed*

  2. Oh man you are down with a viral flu as well? I hahd mine couple weeks back. Amy had it last week and now you.

    Hopefully it is not dengue and looks like you will be on MC for a couple of days as well.

    Get well soon!

  3. The dengue results are negative! *phew!*

    but I still feel like crap la. Yup, going back to sleep pretty soon. Zzz...

  4. Yea when i had mine, i felt like shit for 4 days. Never slept so much in the span of 4 days. Haha