23 April 2010

Good Friends, Good Pork and Definately Good Beer

About a month back I got an email from Citibank saying that using my citibank credit card I am able to get 25% off food and happy hour drinks prices through out the day at Craft Brews. I decided to check it out and I found out it is a nice restaurant in the Mutiara Damansara area serving good food with a big variety of beers.

I told Amy and lo and behold our pork loving makan gang all where there to try it out. It so happens we coincide this dinner to be on the same day as the day me and Amy were taking our yearly medical check up. So we were "free" to gorge ourselves on the food and beer.

The early comers showing off they are all there for the beer and not the food. Oh yea notice how all the liquid in the glass is green in color? Yes it is beer but they made it healthy by introducing Spirulina into the beer making process. So we were all drinking for health that night.

Before the rest arrive we decided to start the meal with a simple appertizer which is nothing other then crispy bacon.

The slices of bacon were deep fried till crispy and man it was oh so delicious. Basically everyone was drooling when the food arrived and even the garnishes were eaten to offset the unhealthy-ness of the crispy bacon.

Next came all our main meals and me and Jack ordered the pork burger with an extra helping of crispy bacon. Amy ordered the ribs, Shalyn and Pooi Ling had the pasta.

This was Jack's reaction when he got his burger. Almost couldn't contain his own excitement.

Over an hour later and after most of us were on our second pint of beer, Allan decided to finally show up. He made up for his lateness by ordering some finger food for us. Caramelised Roast Pork...

Think of Siew Yoke then stir fried with some black sauce, onions and some chili padi. It tasted really good but it was on the spicy side. However no matter since all of us extinguished the fire with our healthy Spirulina beers. We also convinced Allan and Katina to order the pork burger and yes with a side of crispy bacon. Lets see what they have to say about it.

Oh yea it was so good there was any need for any words. However Allan did mentioned that the pork burger at Ribs was better. Last but not least the Viva La Resistance is the Roast pork which Allan also ordered.

Yea I think the picture says it all. Surprisingly everyone was so full all of us left one piece left because we could not fit any. Mana tahu this Amy secretly took it and ate it without anyone noticing it. Looks like she cannot resist the succulent yet cripsy roast pork.

This place serves a variety of tap and bottle beers. Too bad they can't brew their own beers because it is illegal to do so in Malaysia.

All of us left Craft Brews full, satisfied maybe a little tipsy and planning for the next pork makan outing. Haha


  1. Woi!! Why la must highlight those that came late ar?!?! Better than those that didnt turn up la!

  2. Allan: Sorry boss, it goes with the flow of the story lar. HAhahaha.

    Totally forgot that Jeremy was suppose to be there. Haha

  3. awesome!! i love the pix of Allan, Jack & Kats with their burger :D

  4. All of them enjoying the delicious burgers. Haha