10 April 2010

Face Competition

Being in the mangkuk-itis group doesn't mean that we just go around being cam whores and a general pain in the arse at restaurants and bars. We have a few rules we have to adhere to and one of them is to be able to make funny faces.

Recently we were at Fitou Desa Park City for a really pork-a-licious dinner. Steph and De Way decided to have a face competition. They wanted to see how many faces they can make. Steph started with a simple decent smile....

De Way countered the decent innocent face by....

Steph didn't want to reveal her entire arsenal yet so she went with...

De Way cannot tahan all the cuteness and simpleness. So he countered with 2 faces.

First a cute one aka "Blue Steel".

Then followed up with "The Magnum" which he has perfected over many years. Unphased by De Way, Steph released her ultimate weapon.

She calls this pose "The JU" and it out shined De Way so badly he had to cover himself.

His lovely Saw Wen can't do anything but just smile...

Oh yea by the way the food at Fitou was spectacular. We allowed Mei-Mon to do the ordering and we came up with every single dish except the mushrooms had pork in it. The highlight for me was the salads which came with deep fried piece of pork which was oh so delicious. Being a Spanish restaurant of course we had to have a paella. However it was quite disappointing compared to the rest of the food.

We completed the night with a walk around the so-very-safe park and finally dessert at NZ Ice Cream. What else can you ask for a Mangkuk-itis outing. Good Company, Good Competition, Good Dinner with loads of pork, Good walk to shed off all the fats and finally Good Dessert to put back all the fats shed in the walk. :)


  1. *rotfl*

    Steph 1 - 0 De Way!!! :P

  2. Haahaha. Sorry De Way had to write something slightly different since your post came up first. :)

  3. Erm erm...I didn't sign up for any competition whatsoever leh...what is this la dey...#$%$^&**((*(&(*^&*%^&$%^#$%@$ toot!

  4. HAhahahaha. Sorry lar bro. Have to make my blog interesting lar. Everyone already read your blog and my food pictures cannot lawan yours. So had to cook up another story. :)

  5. Hahaha...there's a twist to the entire outing! I like it! :oP

  6. Hahahahahha. Okay okay. Everyone it didn't really happen lar. Just to make my blog more interesting I had to make up some bull crap about our outing or not no one will be reading my blog. Hehe