02 April 2010

Mornington to Apollo Bay and on towards Great Ocean Road

The morning in Mornington (lame I know) didn't started out too well. We woke up to a very gloomy morning where it was cloudy outside with heavy rain coming in as well. Not great weather to be getting into a ferry to go across the bay to Gelong. We took the first ferry out and we were second in line to get into the ferry. It was pouring outside and we stayed in the car waiting for the ferry to arrive.

Typical western society, the ferry arrive right on time and docked. We paid our 60 bucks and drove our car in. It took around 45 min to get to Gelong and when we were there it continued to rain. We walked a bit and head off to our next destination which is Apollo bay.

Wasn't a fantastic day for pictures because it was pretty much raining thoughout our drive to Apollo Bay and we spent most of the day in the car. We checked into Apollo Bay Motel and started to cook our dinner.

We prayed for better weather the next day because we were going to visit the 12 Apostle and if it started to rain it would be bad for us.

Lucky we woke up to better weather the next day and we proceed to drive towards the 12 Apostle. On the way I decided to stop by one section of the Otway Park.

On the way out from the place, Amy with her sharp eye sight actually managed to spot wild koalas from a moving car. She was quite disappointed when we didn't get to see any koalas at Sydney Taronga zoo. So we stopped for about 30 min just for her to take some pictures and to talk to the koala. The surprising thing was there were quite alot of koalas and they were actually awake and eating. That is a very rare sight indeed.

Just as we were about to reach the 12 Apostle, I decided to take an unplanned detour because of a sign I saw. I can't remember what it said but we turned in an found this amazing place for photography.

After we got our fill of photos at this place, the next stop is....

We spent the majority of the day walking around the area. The whole area is split into 3 different sections and we spent more then an hour at each section. It involved alot of walking under the sun. As you can see from the photos, sometimes the jacket is on and sometimes the jacket is off. We actually got sun burnt from walking in the sun from 11am till around 2-3pm.

Once we were done we headed to Port Cambell for a very satisfying sandwich lunch. There was nothing much to do at Port Cambell so we drove off to Warrnambool where we will put up for the night. During the magic light time we spotted some MOO....

We stopped by and we got alot of curious looks as what we were doing there from people driving by. Mana tahu it was just 2 orang bandar from Malaysia that were so fascinated with cows. Haha.

We reached Warrnambool at night and were told we should go check out this place that serves the best burger in Victoria. My friend told me that you can go up to anyone staying in Warrnambool and they would know the place. We found it but the burgers we not great. We were greatly disappointed.


  1. Jason, I am the CEO for Tourism in the region that includes the 12 Apostles and Warrnambool. I was very interested in your comments and loved your photos. I hope you enjoyed the rest of your holidays.
    Carole Reid

  2. Hi Carole. I had a fantastic time on the drive from the 12 Apostles to Warrnambool. Thanks for visiting my site