13 April 2010

The Bad Luck Continues

After all my bad luck on Saturday, I thought everything will be all right once I came to Australia. However it continues to pour.

1. I was seated in the plane without anyone sitting beside me. I had a whole 3 seats just to myself. I thought all my bad luck was over but guess what? The stewardess actually placed 2 ladies beside me. One was because she was sitting beside a baby and she didn't want to sit there. The other lady was because her entertainment system wasn't working. Guess no good luck there.

2. On Monday just as I was walking out from my hotel room, the second button on my jacket fell off. Worst I do not have a sewing kit with me and my jacket is still missing 1 button. No good luck either.

3. I packed all my company products for Monday and guess what? I walked out of the room without it. Lucky we were having breakfast at the cafe right beside the hotel and I could easily walk up to get it. Super blur.

4. I went to customer's place, setup all my stuff and my worst fear came true. While doing the prep work for my trip here, I was afraid the customer was doing something that our device cannot do. Guess what? Yes they are doing just that. Guess the bad luck continues.

Another 3 more days of testing and hopefully it picks up. :S . I think any wishes of good luck is also useless already. Hehe

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