21 April 2010

Good Sandwich Shack

I have been a sandwich eater ever since I went to Australia to study. In most western countries it is expensive when you want to eat hot food like noodles and rice for lunch. I have actually been looking for a good sandwich place in Malaysia for quite a while. The ironic thing is that it has been there for many years now and I never actually walked in till maybe about a year back.

The Bakery Moments serves one of the best sandwiches in Malaysia I have tasted to date.

Their sandwiches are freshly made when you order them and they use quality products. The best thing about the sandwich is actually the bread. It is a wholemeal bread is filled with assorted nuts and fruits. Most of the time wholemeal bread are usually dry and taste like cardboard. However The Bakery Moments breads are nice and moist and taste very good. They actually sell them in loafs but it cost 10 bucks a loaf.

Our favourite sandwich is the Swimming Salmon...

The combination of lightly smoked salmon with a hint of mayo and mustard is a perfect combination. The great thing is that it is not that expensive as well. It only cost something like 12 ringgit for a the sandwich with a cuppa coffee.

Since it is from Norway, the coffee they serve is also Norwegian coffee. I am not a big fan of their coffee. It leaves a very bitter after taste. However I think the bitter after taste is because they are using powdered creamer instead of milk.

All in all this is a great place to have a simple sandwich and coffee lunch. *lick lips* *drool*

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