10 April 2010

Smartest guy ever

Today I feel like the smartest guy ever in the world. Here I am in KLIA waiting for a flight overseas and I brought this huge laptop bag with all my laptop stuff and of course my camera which travels with me to most parts of the world.

However guess what, here I am at the waiting gate and I didn't bring a MEMORY CARD!!!!!! WTF!!!!! I essentially brought a huge brick in my laptop and it cannot be used. Oh yea I feel real smart now.

This trip sounds like it is going to be a disaster. I have already forgotten so many things and only remembered them while out for dinner. I actually forgot to bring a whole box of equipment which is the reason why I am going overseas. Smart huh?

Also forgot to bring batteries for my mouse and lip balm. I really hope that I have forgotten enough stuff that I remembered the rest especially my work stuff. *pray hard hard*


  1. You're human lah. BUt I know you feel like beating yourself about it...DON'T.

    You'll come to realise that life doesn't end just cos you forgot your memory card.

    1. Take a mental pic instead of a digital one. ;)

    2. You can use the touchpad on your laptop.

    3. You can easily buy lipbalm at any pharmacy.

    Wnjoy your Walkabout!! :)

  2. Hahahahha. Well that is all very true. Puts me in a better frame of mind.

    Anyway I bought my batteries from 7/11, bought lip balm at guardian KLIA and will see if I can get a deal in Sydney for the mem card.

  3. jen is in sydney till this thursday.
    msg her on fb if u need the mem card urgently.

    have fun! bring home a wallaby yeah?

  4. Hmmm that is a good idea actually. Haha.

    Anyway I think I will live without it. Not like I have not been to Sydney. Most likely be back again.

    Why wallaby?