20 April 2010

Stating the Obvious

As you are well aware off, I have been bed ridden because I pulled the muscle on my back again. Really getting old and as we say in the Ting family "Kiam Chai". I went to see the doctor yesterday to see if he can give me some pain killers or muscle relaxant because my back muscles were spasming everytime I tried to wake up. It was unbearably painful.

As I got into the Doctor's room and told him about what I did and how I feel, he took out the standard blood preassure tool. He took my BP and said "Oh it is a little elavated". I guess that is caused by the pain you are feeling.

At that point I told him, oh yea you do not need a fancy machine to tell you that. I am telling you it hurts like hell. Guess they are just being cautious so that people do not simple go in and ask for meds.

My back is getting slightly better. Doesn't spasm as much but still hurts like crap.

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