08 June 2010

Best Mojito I have ever tasted

Amy calls me a pussy for liking the Mojito. I think it is not a pussy drink because heck it was invented by the Cubans. They are no slouch. Okay I admit that it contains mint leaves which make it look green and hence pussy. However a well made mojito is a fantastic drink.

2 Years back while we were in Singapore, we stumbled upon a restaurant called Cuba Libre @ Clarke Quay.

We had no expectation what so ever, we just walked in because they said they were having a live band. I ordered the mojito and it was 1 for 1 and we didn't even know it. It was made by this Rastaman looking guy with dreadlock and he was pretty friendly as well. Now after so many years, everytime we go down to Singapore we will visit Cuba Libre for mojito and they still have 1 for 1 mojitos before 9pm.

It is one of the best mojitos I had drank before. They use actual cuban rum with alot of mint leaves and brown sugar. That is the real way to make a Mojito. Top it off with a stick of sugar cane, it is the best drink you can have.

Have to thank Castro for this drink. Haha.


  1. Amy calling you a Pussy is funny!

  2. dude......mojito???....*faints*.....a proper man drinks lager/beer!!!!! i second amy!!! lol

    cheerios AC @ UK @ Siemens

    ps: mana tau u kenal another AC somewhere else working for some other company...lol

  3. Steph: touche. Haha

    Aaron: How are you mate? Lager/beer is all good man but it adds to the size of my waist very quickly. Haha.

  4. i'm good macha...and mind u..it doesnt go to the waist if u were to be active enuf in sports =) get ur lazee arse off to sports macha and start drinking a proper man's drink!!! lol

  5. hahahahaha.....from Jason to woman to PUSSY! GOOD ONE AMY! =D i love mojito too! can DIY la.

  6. Aaron: Well i am getting my lazee arse off the couch. Joining a 10km run end of this month. So going to die. Not enough practice. Crap

    Sharon: So when you going to your place for some DIY mojito?