21 June 2010


Throughout the preparation of asking Amy to marry me, there were alot of bloopers as well as things to think about. Just to share a few:
  1. On the day I went to buy the ring, 5 min before heading to Habib, I met Amy's mum and brother. Lucky they were heading in the other direction
  2. On the day I went to pick up the ring, Habib had some communication failure and could not print out the receipt. Had to wait for 30 min at the shop. I was worried someone would see me in the shop. So I decided to face towards the interior of the shop. 15 min later I realised I was facing a large mirror and anyone outside can still see me.
  3. On my way to pick Amy for dinner, I totally forgot to bring slippers for the next day as I packed shorts. I was just leaving Subang when I remembered and had to make a big circle around Glenmarie to get back to my place
  4. On reaching Traders Hotel, I told Amy I have only been to Traders hotel once and I walked from KLCC to Traders. However for some reason I have intimate knowledge about the parking area and until I knew that the entrance of the parking had a traffic light
  5. I bought a bottle of wine but forgot to bring a cock screw. Had to get one from the hotel and when they took a while to get it to me, I had to call them and make it sound like I didn't ask for it but they are suppose to provide one
  6. I was cheap and instead of getting the bottle of wine with 2 wines glasses at 59.90 at cold storage KLCC, I ended up buying the same set for 62.80 from Herbs and Food and while at SkyBar I had to run down to my car to get the bottle to put into the fridge beforehand
  7. After giving the flowers to Amy, I wanted to propose shortly after but instead I had the stupid idea of boiling water to make coffee. As I put the water to boil, I suddenly had a major stomach ache and had to head to the toilet. By the time I got out the water just came to the boil. So had to eat breakfast first.
  8. I wanted to ask Amy while overlooking the scenery of KL city or KLCC. However since I got a discounted room, the view was of a construction site
  9. Didn't prepare an adequate enough camera and had to rely on my old faithful Canon Powershot A80 which has a defective viewfinder. 
  10. Didn't even charge the batteries for the camera and shortly after dinner, the Red battery light came on and died soon after dessert at Bar Italia
  11. Just as I was about to propose to Amy, I knocked the ring box off the bed and had to use my supreme agility skills to get it back without Amy knowing it.
I think there were quite a few more, but I can't remember them all. Haha


  1. hahaha....no.7 is super funny!!..:P

  2. You Sir, is the winner of the most dramatic proposal.


  3. Hahaha. It is not dramatic. It is call fail. Eh how come you post as Anonymous and not from Wenway?

  4. Despite it all, the end result is still Amy saying YES! That's most important! Congratulations to you both!