22 February 2010

Chinese New Year Celebration at the Goh's

Since a couple years back it has become a tradition for all of us to gather at the Goh family house for some good company, good food and some gambling. I am telling you the Goh parents are the most sporting parents i have ever known. They pretty much put up with everything we do and also join in our festivities. A couple of times they actually came to my place for some BBQ and Wii action. Let me introduce the Goh family.

Mr Goh

Unfortunately i forgot to take a picture of Mrs Goh. I trully regret that next time i should take a picture of everyone in attendance. Sorry Aunty.

Miss Goh

Mr Goh Jr

Future Mrs Goh Jr?

Festivities was suppose to start after 8pm but we were a little late because we had dinner at home first. We only reached the Goh's family place at around 9pm and guess what we were still the first one there. We waited for about 30 min and everyone started to arrive one by one.



Before the gambling could begin of course we had to have some great food and great drinks. Steph's mum cooked a fantastic bee hoon for supper. It was trully fantastic tasting and initially i was not that hungry but after Amy gave me a bite i asked for more.

After a couple of cans of Guinness, De Way started to become more animated and he revealed his multiple personality.

Cool De Way

Hyper De Way

Angry De Way

Scared De Way

Glutton De Way

Molested De Way

Saw Wen "beh" "tahan" all the attention De Way getting so she also decided to get into the act by being rapper Saw Wen.


We drank and gamble and ate our way through the night till around 1230am or 1am where mini Genting decided to take a rest and we changed to the PS3 to play some Beijing 2008 Olympics. We wound up the night with many shots of the Chivas and I am telling you that is one fantastic bottle of Chivas. I can never drink Chivas on the rocks but this 18 years was so smooth that it just goes down super easy.

We continued to enjoy the company till close to 2am when I got really drunk and felt the need to head home for some sleep. Some extra pictures I took during the great night.



Thanks so much to Mr Goh for being the banker for our mini Genting ( I played for 2-3 hours and won 3 bucks), Mrs Goh for making the delicious pineapple tarts and cooking the mouth watering bee hoon, Miss Goh for inviting us over and Mr Goh Jr for providing lots of laughs and lots of beer.


  1. Lovely shots once again, Mr Ting!! :)

  2. Thank you Thank you. It is the new lens Amy got. I am Lovin it. Sorry forgot to take a picture of ure mum

  3. Sungguh cantik Cikgu! I sangat suka! =D

  4. Hahahaha. Saya bukan cikgu. Kita semua belajar sama sama punya. Hahaha

  5. Awesome shots!
    Would love to learn a few tips from the pros some day ;P

  6. Hahahahha. First time for you Jac. Ask Chin Teik to buy you a DSLR. Haha

  7. wow, Miss Goh looks great but only won 3 bucks??? haha, but I like the 18 yrs Chivas THE MOST!!! HMN... still have 3x whiskey and 1x VSOP in my cabinet...need to start drinking again fast.