25 February 2010

Another Year, Another plate full of crackers

Well it is the time of the year where everyone pays some money for a plate full of nicely colored crackers with a few pieces of raw salmon. Then with long chopstick they will mix them all up high high while shouting "LO!!!" "LO!!!" and at the same time spilling about 15% of it on the side of the plate. It is considered a lucky thing to do in the Malaysian Chinese society. I do not think they practice this anywhere else in the world other then maybe Malaysia and Singapore.

I went dinner with my high school friends with the main intention to have Lo Sang. Initially the plan was to have it at Duck King in Jaya One. However because of our late booking, we could not get a table. Michelle and Ee Von called various restaurants and all were met with the same response "We cannot take any more phone booking but you are welcome to walk into the restaurant"

After many calls they managed to get a booking at Jaya Palace. However I hate that place. The food is good but the way they do business is just rotten. I have been there 3 times and all 3 times I got conned by them. They always say that all their normal menu items are sold out and the worst is when my cousin pre booked the table and menu and half way through the dinner they told him that the fish he ordered was out of stock and they only had the super expansive "rock" fish....

Yes that is one ugly bugger of a fish but that stupid ugly fish caused 500 bucks a pop cooked. It tasted pretty good but for 500 bucks it is crazy.

Lucky I managed to convince the girls to change from Jaya Palace to Paris. They were worried that we didn't have a booking but I was pretty convinced we should be able to get a seat by just walking in.

We managed to reconnect with some long lost friends (Vijay, Kevin Chua and Jerry Ong). We ate, drank, be merry and laughed till our hearts content.

I didn't take much pictures during the dinner because the ceiling was blue. Since I was using a bounce flash, everyone would turn blue and I worried it won't work. Just to show you what I mean....

That was what came out of my camera without any editting at all. Crazy huh? If you look closely right at the middle at the bottom of the picture. There appears to be a pair of boop like things. Do not ask me what the heck is that. It was me who took the picture and I was standing right below the camera's point of view. I can assure you I haven't grown a pair of boops. :)

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