02 March 2010

*News Flash* *News Flash*

It was a momentous as well a joyous day on the 27th of February 2010. The first couple of the mangkuk-itis group is engaged. Yes finally De Way decided to take the plunge and buy the rock and enjoy and endless supply of cheese cakes from his now fiancee Saw Wen.

Everything was planned via email and sms. about 2 weeks before CNY, I got a sms from De Way saying that he was going to propose to Saw Wen during her open house on the 27th of February 2010. Me being the blur sotong I always am, read the sms and didn't think much of it. It didn't strike to me that he was proposing to Saw Wen. Silly me. It took almost another couple of hours before it hit me that he was proposing.

Anyhow the day arrived and everything was set. The ring was bought, the stage was set and the guys all "memorised" the song that De Way had us all sing. 

De Way needed some alcohol to steal his nerves before he ask Saw Wen to be his life partner

Saw Wen not suspecting anything at all and poses in front of my camera. At around 10.30 at night it was all stations go as De Way took Saw Wen up to her room as planned. We gathered outside her room...

The choir posed for a group shot before the singing begins. The plan was for us to knock on the door to signify that we were all ready to go. Jackson was the unofficial official door knocker. He was so chicken that I had to do it for him. Unfortunately, I had too much energy and I knocked the door a little way too hard.

As Saw Wen emerged from the door, the choir began to the tune of "You are my sunshine" but with a twist that De Way came up with.

After we sang our verse, De Way got on one knee....

And sang the rest of the song himself.

With a simple "okay" the deal was sealed and De Way will have continuous supply of delicious bejewelled* cheese cakes for the rest of his life and Saw Wen will be entertained by De Way's "fai-ness". Next came the first kiss as long life partners...

And then the wearing of the ring...



It was obvious there was still some nervous tension as because De Way put the ring on the wrong finger. Yes he put it on her middle finger and it wouldn't fit. Lucky one of the eagle eye girls noticed it and corrected De Way.

With the ring finally on the right finger and it fits like a glove, the happy coupled posed for some couple shots.

And some group shots as well....


The girls admiring the size of the rock. Well to those guys who have yet to propose to your future fiancee, the bar has once again been set higher by De Way. Looks like we got to work harder to get a bigger and nicer rock.

A more relaxed De Way emerged from the second floor of the Ng's family house and let all his emotions and his hair down as we explains what happened in the couple of minutes it took us to arrange outself outside of Saw Wen's room.



Can you see how big the rock is and how it sparkles after being hit by light from my flash. Looks like I really have to work doublely hard before I can afford a rock and ring that nice and that big. *shakes a fist at De Way*. Just before we ended the day, I got the lovely couple to poses some shots for me.





Congragulations to De Way and Saw Wen and De Way you honor me by asking me to take pictures on this momentous day. I just hope that the pictures come out good enough for you and Saw Wen.


  1. Congrats, you guys!!! Can't believe I missed it all!! No worries, I was overjoyed to hear the news and was skipping on the streets of Dubai!! Yes, I did get weird stares but WHO CARES??!? :D


  2. Yo, muchas gracias for taking the photos as it is very meaningful for us! They turned out very well and can I have a copy w/o watermark ah? Good photos must be shared, heehee =)

  3. Thanks so much for taking the photos on such a meaningful day of our life!

  4. De Way: Oh course, there are much more photos than I can put on the blog. It will be burnt into a CD and I will pass it to you the next time we meet.

    Saw Wen: It is trully my pleasure. I just hope you 2 like it that is all.

    Congrats to both of you once again. Such happy times