10 March 2010

Birds Eye View

Previously I have only been to the old sony building once. I was there for a Sony warehouse clearence and it was totally mad. There was so many people trying to get in that they had to close the shutters just to prevent people from going in. The queue to pay was like a snake and if i can remember properly they only had 2 counters (1 for cash and 1 for credit).

Sony has moved out and now the places has be enrenovated and  named 1Tech Park. My company open an office there about a year ago but  I have never stepped into the new office till recently. I was there for training and I could not help bringing my camera.

I didn't know that this place has such a birds eye view of the PJ area. It sits right on top of a small hill and it is around 7 stories high. This is the view that I get from the office which is on the 7th floor.

The great thing is also the sun sets on my side of the office. So I managed to get a sunset shot...

With the light filtering into the windows (the office doesn't have curtains or blinders yet), you can even catch some "magic light".....

Yea I got bored half way through training, so I took my camera out and started shooting what I can. It is to relax the mind as well.

I also found out that you are able to go to the roof top for smokes or drinks (non alcoholic) or even have a BBQ or a little party. However the view from the roof top is amazing.

You even get a nice birds eye view of the Damansara toll. If I was working here permanently, I am sure I will become a regular traffic reporter.

It is quite a good place to work, it is easy to get to, the parking is free and it is very close to 1Utama and Kota Damansara as well. Since I was up at the roof top, took some other pictures as well....


  1. Love cloud pictures :) kudos!

  2. Thanks you Thank you. I am never good at taking sun rays for some reason. I always try and always fail to take really good ones.

  3. It is not a good location!! traffic at Dsara toll during peak hrs is a major bitch!! The only good thing abt that location vs mine is you avoid the stupid tunnel that invariably gets flooded everytime it rains.

    Be careful what you wish for. Be very careful.

  4. Uh it is nice lar because to get to my office, I leave at 9am and reach office around 9.30am. Faster then me going to Bukit Jalil. Haha