28 March 2010

Melbourne Day 2

The second day we were in Melbourne, we have left all the planning to Amy's friend Mervin. We were suppose to take a tram to meet up with him for breakfast. He was taking us to one of his favourite breakfast place...

What else can you ask for breakfast other then blueberry pancakes, bacon and mash potatos. That was a very hearthy breakfast. Due to that we had to walk it off and bit and we walked around the St Kilda craft market and also some parts of St Kilda town.

We got hungry and Mervin bought us to eat at his favourite burger place. He said the reason he goes to this joint is that the burgers are grilled and healthy. Well the name of the place explains itself....

First time I had lamb burger and I can tell you it was a fantastic burger. The lamb was trully nice and juicy and the cheese melted nicely and the sauce was just perfect. I was in burger heaven.

Next stop is Albert Park which is where they have the formula 1 race every year.

As again because we were crazy, we decided to walk back from Albert Park to our hotel. On the way we found the Melbourne War Memorial. We were actually quite lucky because we were there around 5pm where they were taking down the flags. They played one of those war hymms and I could see everyone standing at attention and watching the flag come down. I am not an Australia citizen but I stood there reflecting what these soldiers have done to give us a "peaceful" world. It was quite humbling.

We walked backed to out hotel and we walked to Lygon street for some fish and chips. After the fish and chips we had super thick italian hot chocolate which I spilled my whole drink. It was so thick that even after I spilled, we could not finish Amy's drink.

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