18 March 2010

Sydney Day 4

Today would most likely be the highlight of our Sydney trip. During the planning our Australia trip, Amy said she wants to go for the Sydney bridge climb. It was on the itinerary from the start but after we booked the accomodations, transportation and factored in the food, we realised that we didn't have the budget for the climb. It would cost a whopping AUD198 per person for the climb. Amy was really disappointed about this but at the point of time we just didn't have the budget for it.

I thank my lucky stars that my aunt offered us to stay at her place which saved us a whole load of money. After doing all the calculations and doing the budgetting, I found some extra money and decided to book the climb for 2 people without telling Amy.

I had to "trick" Amy by saying that morning we are going to a museum nearby my aunt's place which doesn't allow us to bring our camera. During the Sydney Bridge climb, we are not able to bring anything with us including rings, camera, wallets and even watches.

Amy was surprised when we walked into the Sydney Bridge Climb reception area and I took out the booking slip. It was a professionally run tour where they provide everything including rain jacket, winter jacket, hats and even this fantastic audio system which will allow us to hear what the tour guide says during the entire tour.

It was a surprisingly easy walk up and down the bridge and I am really glad that I decided to paiy the 600 bucks for the tour.

After the climb we went back to my aunt's place to collect our bags and went to Sydney Tower. We got our tickets which also includes a "motion master" ride about the attractions in Australia. We first decided to head up to the skies first while the sun is still shinning.

The last picture look like a clip from the movies. A secret meeting, a trade of money and goods and finally a betrayal where someone gets killed. Lucky for me it was so and it was maybe just a smoke break on the roof of an office.

Once we took in the sights from the top of Sydney we went down for the motion master presentation which was quite interesting. It showed some of the less know attractions around Australia.

Since there wasn't much planned for the day, we walked to the nearest kebab store to get some lunch and went to rest and relaxed at Hyde Park. We spent a couple of hours resting ourselves and our minds at Hype Park just watch people walk by going about their usual business.

We started to get cold with the wind blowing and decided get our arse off the grass and walked towards St Mary's cathedral. Since I was there before, I didn't really take much pictures of the place but then I decided to do something different...

The last part of the day, we had dinner with my friend Mike which I met during my uni years in Curtin University of Technology in Perth. We went to my favourite ribs place in Sydney (Pancakes on the Rocks). We capped out the fantastic day off with a slow walk around the Sydney opera house with having some gelato.


  1. LOVE your shots of Sdyney's cityscape from the Tower! Looks great. I haven't been there in years, but the city sure looks enticing. So, next time can bunk at your aunty's place ah? hahahahahha (kidding)

  2. Thanks. I think it is time to make a trip back.

    Hahahahhaa. I think everyone is asking the same question including me. Would love to go back to stay at her place.