04 March 2010

Magic Light

Years ago I was introduced to this 2 words called Magic Light. My colleague first told me and I was thinking oh must be one of those huge flashy thingy they used last time where it explodes and blinds everyone. However after talking to him and we went out on an excursion together to find magic light, then I understood what magic light is all about.

Basically magic light the time in the day where the light is just right for photography. The light is not too harsh like in the mid afternoon and not to dark. This usually happens when the sun is just rising or setting. So in Malaysia it is usually around the 7.30am ot around 8.30 or 9am and between 6.30pm to around 7.30pm.

Most photographers will take the opportunity to shoot around this time and when I was back in Sitiawan I decided to get my butt of the couch and go out shooting in the evening just before it got dark.

I am trully an 80's baby and I am not a fan of black and white pictures. I like full and rich colored pictures. However cannot take a shot of a broken down cabinet without turning it into black and white.

There is a clinic situated about 100 meters from my grandma's house in Sitiawan which has been shot to death from one angle. So I decided to take an alternate angle.

Won't even know if it was a clinic if I didn't say anything right? In any case right beside the clinic sits the famous Nan Hwa secondary school. I do not think my dad went to this school even thought the house is right beside it. I could not help myself but to walk in and take some pictures.


The sun was setting right behind my back and hence the shadow of me in the pictures. I learnt a few days after how to get rid of it. Crap.


From the left 

From the right

I thought initially it was an abandon house I could take pictures in. However it was overgrown by lalang and there isn't much of the structure left standing anyway. While I was taking this picture, I looked back towards then sun and managed to capture this.


This is when the sun is still pretty high in the sky. It was still quite bright outside. Later my uncle and Kelvin came back to my grandma's place. My uncle decided to go fly his helicopter and Kelvin went shooting. I followed them out and caught more sun set pictures.

The great thing about a camera is you can do almost anything with it. You can tell a story and you can even set the mood of the picture or tell the time of the day of the picture or trick someone into think otherwise.

The picture above was taken about 5 min after the second last picture was taken. Amazing isn't it? One picture looks like the sun has set and it is getting dark already and the other picture shows that it is still bright outside.

Hope you enjoyed some of the pictures I took during my Chinese New Year Week. Stay tuned for more.


  1. oh cool, loved the one with your loooooooong shadow :) actually for the procession, I was just standing on the sidewalk watching them pass. Was having dinner at a friend's place nearby, so I wasn't caught in the traffic or anything :p BTW, wanted to ask this: how did you format your pictures to be posted so large ya? I can't find the button to do that? teach meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :p

  2. HAhahahaha. Thanks. Actually i didn't like the shadow and wanted to get rid of it.

    Ah okay I thought you were there to take pictures during the procession.

    You have to go to settings -> global settings -> Select port editor and change it to updated editor. However it might not work with some templates as one of my friend found out

  3. Btw, can you make it less of a pain to post comments?? Like, remove the verifying word thingy. :)

  4. It was a clear skies but it made it trully hot.

    I wanted to remove it but then Amy asked me to leave it. Will remove it now

  5. OOOh cool thanks for the tip! :D