29 March 2010

Melbourne Day 3

The 3rd day of Melbourne was a very relaxed day in Melbourne city. We pretty much didn't have anything to do other then walking around Melbourne city. We were told by Mervin there is an alley where there is alot of graffiti. So we decided to head there to check it out.

I am quite surprised that I didn't take any pictures at all in this alley. I must have been sleeping when we arrived there. We just walked around the city for a bit of sight seeing.

We waited until around 11.30 where we went to China town for some Dim Sum. The dim sum in Australia is slightly different from the dim sum we get in Malaysia. My reasoning is that the dim sum in Australia comes directly from Hong Kong and the Malaysian one is well Malaysianised. We were joined by Mervin and one of Mervin's friend for lunch at Shark Fin Inn which is one of the most popular place for Yum Cha/Dim Sum in Melbourne.

After lunch, we took a tram to Melbourne Uni which brings back some memories for me as I was there for my brother's graduation. After a walk around, we took the tram back for more hot chocolate. Yes Amy was in a super hot chocolate frenzy and Mervin took us to his fave choco joint.

It was by far the best cuppa hot chocolate we had while we were in Australia. The drinking was no way done as we head towards the Yarra river for some alcoholic drinks.

For dinner, we again headed toward Lygon Street for some pasta. We were told by Mervin and also my friend Ru Shyuan that there is this really nice Italian restaurant at Lygon. The funny thing is that Mervin told Amy that it was where the Ferrari team hangs out after the F1 race but he didn't tell her the name. Ru Shyuan told me the name (Corretto) but didn't mention anything about a Ferrari restaurant. When I found out I almost didn't want to go in because I am not a Ferrari supported.

Lucky Amy convinced me because the food was actually pretty good. It wasn't that very expansive and I recommend anyone in the Melbourne area to check it out. The restaurant was filled with Ferrari memorabilia and lucky we were sitting outside on the sidewalk. 

We topped off the day with some fanstastic gelato at IL Dolce Freddo. Apparently they also have durian gelato which we could smell from outside of the shop. 

Tomorrow we will be getting out car and heading out towards Yarra Valley....

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