16 March 2010

Sydney Day 2

We started the second day by being cheap. We decided since we are staying at my aunt's place, we should milk it to the max. So we had breakfast at my aunt's place before leaving on our joruney of discovery of Sydney's sights and sounds. The first item of the day is to head to the Sydney Aquarium at Darling Harbour.

I love going to aquariums as I am fasinated by the underwater world. The highlight of the Sydney Aquarium is the dugong. However I think it is was quite disappointing. (although Amy quite enjoyed herself). It was definately  better than London's Aquarium. Other then the dugong, the rest of the fish and sharks were quite disappointing. Usually the main highlight of any aquarium is the underwater tunnel where you can see sharks and massive mantarays swimming around. However the tunnel at the Sydney Aquarium was disappointingly short and small.

This part of the aquarium is pretty cool, you actually walk into like a glass box where you are surrounded on all 6 sides by water. This is something new that I have never seen in any other aquariums that I have gone to.

The other cool thing about the Sydney aquarium is that there are 2 to 3 sections of the aquarium where it extends into Darling Harbour itself. Walking into this sections, you actually can feel the waves rocking the whole section and it is like being on a boat but underwater. At one of the sections, a lady actually got seasick and barfed into the dustbin.

After around 3-4 hours walking around in the aquarium, we got tired and hungry as well. So we decided to walk back toward the city to get my favourite fastfood burger. The Hungry Jack's Bacon Deluxe. I am telling you this is the best beef and real bacon burger you can ever get. I lived on this stuff when I was studying is Perth last time.

Didn't take much food pictures so had to pinjam a photo from Amy. Can you see the deliciously thick piece of pork bacon in the burger?

After lunch we continue to walk the streets of the city until Amy's feet was about to go on strike unless we rested, so we hanged around in Hyde Park. This time around we were more relaxed and we had time to sit around in the parks to enjoy the weather and the surroundings.

The weather was nice and chilly, but sitting under the direct sun, it got hotter, and as the sun moved our tree shade, so did we. Typical asian mentality. We always shy away from the sun but the "Ang Mohs" just love the sun.

At around 3-4pm we went back to Darling Harbour to wait for Ellie (Brett's Partner) to come pick us up to head to Bondi. Brett is one of Amy's friends who she meet at one of their trainings. They have a lovely quaint place less then 500m from Bondi beach. We took a walk along Bondi beach before heading for some half price tapas and cocktails.

The tapas were fantastic and you can't really go wrong with half priced cocktails. However I did get quite a rubbing when Brett and Ellie found out that I had a liking for Mojito. It is not a pussy drink ok!! We left the restaurant half drunk, fully fed and very statisfied. On the way back Brett suggested we have some ice cream I was thinking why not since I was still warm from the alcohol. However it was the wrong choice as I was freezing walking back to their place because of the wind chill factor. We settled back into Brett's and Ellie's place for more chit chatting and also a look at their brand new 40" LED TV.

We waited in the middle of the wind chil factor for the bus we took back to the city.

Tomorrow we will be going to the famous Sydney Taronga Zoo. Stay put for more updates.

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