30 March 2010

Funniest Thing I heard all Year

Yesterday was a trully hectic and busy day for me. I came to office thinking it is a Monday and everyone is suffering from Monday Blues so it should be a relaxing day. Turned out it was packed with meetings, conference calls and RFI.

That aside around the afternoon my friend messaged me and said this....

Friend: i tell u bro my championship engineer say that degC and ferenheit is the same
Friend: die already la
Friend: sold the valve to the customer, now waiting to explode only la  

I was laughing my socks of and that really evaporated all the stress for the whole day and my friend continued to say this...

Friend: n the best thing is he is uk grad

I always tell my friends that nowadays any Tom, Dick and Harry is an engineer. It is not like in the 70s and 80s where if you tell someone you are an engineer you are almost in a God-like position.

I continued laughing until he said.....

Friend: now i dunno how la....the valve is already install at customer place
Friend: seriously dude this is not funny man
Friend: ppl can die.....n i meant it literally....its steam at 165degC @ 6bar pressure

That brought me back to reality but heck it was still a funny story and it really made my week.


  1. Omg, my gut feeling tells me I know this friend of yours...

    Does he have a "man friend"? :P

  2. HAhahahahah.

    Come on who else do we know sells VALVES. LOL

    Oh yea he has a man friend who spots for him in the gym. :)

  3. O_O like that also can become engineer!!!!!

  4. HAhahahahha.

    Unfortunately that is how it is now. Nowadays engineers are just not what they used to be anymore. Me included. Crack engineer. Hahaha