15 March 2010

Sydney Day 1

We went to Australia for a holiday in September of 2009. I am writing this blog so that i won't forget what we did during our holiday. Unfortunately, i have forgotten alot of details but i will try to remember as much as i can of what we did.

We arrived in Sydney early in the morning on the 4th of September 2009. To maximise our time in Sydney, we decided to fly to on Friday night and arrive Sydney on Saturday morning. We took the train downtown and waited for my aunt to pick me up.

This is one ocassion when i can trully say that what goes around comes around. 1 month before my trip to Australia, i picked up an aunt from the KLIA and brought her to my place to stay a night. I have never ever met her before this and because she was so grateful that i picked her up from the airport and she stayed at my place, she allowed us to stay at her place in Sydney. It was a real 5 star accomodations and it saved me a whole load of money. It faces Walsh Bay and has a view of Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Before going for lunch, my aunt took us for a walk around her place, Observatory park and also a walk on a part of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

My bro showed me a picture like this about 5-10 years ago and it was one of the reason why i decided to buy a DSLR. Too bad i can't find that picture anymore or not can do a comparison

The first meal we had in Sydney was actually Malaysian food. I think Amy had prawn mee which was really good and i think i had curry mee which was really good as well. After lunch, we decided to take it easy and walk around Sydney town.

Can't really go for a holiday and do not cam whore....


We went back to have dinner with my aunt and they took us to China Town for some Vietnamese food. It was really good. However this time around i didn't really take much food pictures. Amy took more.
This is why i say my aunt place is trully a 5 star accomodations. This is the view from the balcony of my aunt's place....

Stay tuned for the rest of our Australia Exploration.


  1. Wow your aunt's front yard looks like a shot from some resort brochure!

  2. Oh yea she didn't tell me it was a 6 star accomodation for free. Haha