25 March 2010

Blue Mountain Day 2

 Day 2 in Blue mountains started just as I expected it to start at a B&B. We woke up to the smell of eggs and bacon being prepared by our generous host Peter North. We had our breakfast and we were one of the last to have breakfast. Therefore Peter had some time to tell us about the walks around Blue Mountains. He suggested we try the Prince Henry Cliff walk which will bring us around through a few fantastic lookouts as well as 2 waterfalls and a cascade.

We were quite short on time so we decided to pack up and head out. The walk would be about 3-4 km and it would start at Echo Point. It took us a good an hour or an hour and a half to get from Echo Point to Leura cascades. It was uh quite disappointingly small but along the walk we had some great lookout points.

The next stop would be Leura Falls and finally Gordon Falls. Again both the water falls were disappointingly small but the walk as well as the lookout points on the way made it all worth while.

I think it took us a good 3 hours plus to reach Gordon falls and we finally took the tram back to Lurline House to pick up our bags and took the train back to Sydney. We had to rush a little and Amy wasn't too happy with me being a drill sargent and asking her to walk faster. However the we rushing so that we can head to Wooloomaloo for some famous Harry's mushy pea pies.

It was so good that none of us took pictures of the pies and we had 3 pies between the 2 of us. Satisfied with lunch, we decide to take a long walk back to my aunt's place. I have no idea why we were walking instead of taking public transportation. However on the way back we stopped by Sydney Botanical Gardens,

For the night we were suppose to put up at my Mike's place and Amy has heard of his superb pesto and has requested for it. Chef Mike cooked us a storm with Pesto and Bread for Starters and Chicken and Mushroom Risotto for mains and some mushroom salad to complement the Risotto. It was all washed down with a good bottle of white wine. The basil came from Mike's own herb garden and Amy helped to make it....

We were suppose to have ice cream for dessert but we were so full that we settle for some mint tea and some sheesha. We all went to bed happy and I had to thank Chef Mike for cooking us up a storm and allow us to stay at his place.

Tomorrow we will be flying to Melbourne...

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