09 March 2010

Good Coffee Joints

In my opinion I think Malaysia lacks some good and cheap coffee joints. When you are in Europe, London or Australia and even Singapore, you are able to get a decent cuppa joe for under 5 bucks. However in Malaysia a good cuppa joe will cost you at least 10 bucks and hopefully it is half decent.

The StarBucks and Coffeebeans in Malaysia some how just do not cut it. I think they are expansive and they are only good for their ice blended or frappe. Take for instance once when we went to Starbucks in Amcorp mall. I ordered a cuppa latte and when I took the first sip all I tasted was milk. I seldom send food/drink back because I am not a fussy person. However this case it was too much because I paid 10+ bucks for a cuppa coffee and I expect it to taste like coffee. 

So I went up to the guy and told him he gave me a cuppa of milk instead of a cuppa latte. He said it cannot be since they just cleaned the machine and it should be working. This is when I found out they do not make the coffee like other places where you are suppose to grind the bean, tap it twice and put it into the coffee machine for hot steam to come out. All they did was press a button that is labled latte and even that they screwed up.

Being an "American" establishment, I thought they would just apologize to me, took my cuppa "coffee" away from me and make me a fresh cuppa. However to my horror, all the guy did was brew a shot of espresso (by pressing 1 button) and poured that shot into my cup. From that day onwards I boycott Starbucks and would not go back there for a cuppa hot coffee ever again.

Anyway enough of complaining, 2 weeks ago me and Amy were in the Puchong area opposite IOI mall. We stumbled upon a new coffee joint...

It is quite a nice place with very friendly service. As we walked in we got a nice greating, then the lady behind the counter was introducing us to the menu and also recommending what kinda of drinks which would suit us best. The best thing was she did it with a smile. The coffee tasted pretty good but it was an ice blended, we were walking in the sun and it was a hot day so had to have an ice blended.

Besides that the enviroment reminded me of a coffee joint in Australia and Europe...


They had a whole sandwich bar and also a juice bar which is something you do not see at a Starbuck or a Coffee bean. I had this coffee which I cannot remember what, but apparently it is their house special and it involved chucking in half a slab of brownie into my coffee. It tasted pretty good.

Have to go back there to taste their hot coffee the next time. However seeing from the shop itself, the friendly service we got and the abundant of reading material (magazines, nat geo, news paper, story books and even 4 internet terminals), I think we will be coming back for sure.

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