17 March 2010

Sydney Day 3

The day started very gloomy with rain clouds hanging heavy all over the skies. It was bad news for us since we were actually suppose to head to Sydney Taronga zoo that morning itself. Unphased by the weather we woke up bright and early and headed to Circular Quay to catch a short ferry ride to Sydney Taronga Zoo.

On the way we managed to catch some sights of the world famous Sydney Opera house and Sydney Harbour Bridge from a different prespective in turbulent weather.

On arrival we paid for our entrance fee and started plotting what we should do throughtout the day. We started off at the first exhibit which is the Girrafe exhibit.

After that we started making our rounds and dropping by the seal show, bird show and even had time to visit Luk Chai which is a baby elephant that was borned at Sydney Taronga zoo itself about 9 weeks before our arrival.

We were quite unfortunate to pick this day to head to Taronga Zoo because it started to rain on and off throughout the morning. It was cold and wet and as a result even the animals we not in the mood to play. After the seal show in particular it started to rain pretty heavy that we had to seek some shelther...

My MAMA always said to keep my head dry and you will never fall sick. For lunch we went to the Zoo's main cafeteria to have some sandwiches. I remembered it was pretty crap but I guess it would have to do. As we were leaving the cafeteria we spotted a pretty little bird...

We walked on for about 2 -3 hours seeing the Orang Utans, gorillas, white leopard, chinese red panda's ,mountain goats and all kinds of animals until our legs would no carry us anymore and we decided to head off.

Look what I caught in the kangaroo pen....

I think he was trying to say "Back off mate, my balls are bigger then yours". Just as we left had to do a little camwhoring to show that we were there.

Just before getting on the ferry, I was getting a little peckish and seeing so many people having ice cream I decided to have one myself. I went to the ice cream stall and got this...

I kid you not but the name of this ice cream is "Golden Gay" and it cost AUD4 bucks. Now that is one expensive ice cream. However it actually taste pretty good with its vanilla, honey and choc flavours all mixed together.

On reaching back to Circular Quay, the weather got better and since we already bought a day tripper ticket which allows us unlimited travels on all public transportation around Sydney City, we decided to take the ferry to Manly.

We walked towards Manly beach, bought a pack of freshly fried chips from the fish and chips shop and feasted on the yummy pieces of fried potato on the beach. Unfortunately, it was getting cold and the wind was picking up. So we decided to head off. On the way back we found a section of wall which was nicely painted. Cannot tahan already so I decided to go nuts infront of the camera...

Amy got into the action as well....

We took the ferry back to have dinner with my Aunt. On the way back the weather turned for the worst again and it really started to rain and the winds really picked up. Unfortunately we were caught right in the middle of it and we had to run in the pouring rain back home. We got back almost fully drenched in the cold but luckily my aunt was already cooking us a nice dinner. After dinner we took a stroll to Circular Quay again to take some night time pictures.

That was it for Day 3 in Sydney. Tomorrow we will be heading to the tallest tower in Sydney.


  1. In my defense my pics are much sharper than on this blog!!..:P...FB resizes pics..heheheh

  2. Oh yea that is without a doubt. All the photos were taken from FB and hence it looks worst then the original