03 March 2010

My totally cute neice

Amy always say to me look that baby is so cute and my standard answer is "All babies are cute. If they are not there is some serious problems with the baby". I have a few nieces which are super cute because they are around the 2 or 3 year age and can run around but not really talk much.

This time around while I was back in Sitiawan I pretty much didn't shoot anything other then my cute little niece Jia Xin for the first couple of days. On the first day of Chinese New Year my cousin decided to dress her in a cute chinese dress....


Unfortunately the 4 shots I shot above, my mum was standing right beside me with a red t-shirt. The flash bounced off her t-shirt and casted a red glow on my niece.

Every morning Jia Xin would sleep till around 11am and she would run out in her jammies to greet us in the hall. Then my cousin will take her for a shower and dress her up. On the second day she got a blue dress.




She is such a happy baby that when she gets scared or angry she would crawl under a chair and cry. I have no idea why. Most of the time when babies see me, they will either run away or cry. At least for Jia Xin she didn't really cry but after like 30 min of warm-up period she was quite friendly and was asking me to play with her.

On the 3rd day she went back to a red-ish dress...
The first day I took out my camera she actually got scared and started crying. However a few days later she go used to it and decided to pose or me as well...


In the afternoon my cousin decided my niece needed 2 coconut trees on her head....



After all this posed shots I decided to get a little evil....



She kept us entertained for the whole of Chinese New Year and we enjoyed her company as well. Oh by the way she bullied my brother one night. Haha.


  1. very, very cute!!!! :) love the cheong sam. was forced to get eli one because she had a cheong sam competition in school but hers was no where to compare with jia xin's. :) and her shoes.......wow........damn fashion man!!!

  2. Hahahahha. Yea man she is super cute and fashionable. My dad still watns to put both Elisha with Jia Xin together and see wat happens. Haha