01 February 2010

Secret Meeting

In October and November last year, every Thursday i had a very important date. It is a date i could not miss even it is on a working day. I would leave my office around 1pm to go for my date. I had to drive a good 60km to meet with my date.

This is my Thursday date.....

 In the past couple months, i have been working on this very interesting project. In fact this is about the most interesting project i have worked on since i started my career in GHL. I was quite excited to get this project and in fact initially it was given to one of my colleagues. However, with some hardwork and some "trickery" i managed to get myself assigned to this project.

The SuperStar Virgo is the largest ship in the StarCruise fleet. She is 268.60m in length and displaces a 8,530 metric tons. Just to give a comparison she is only 76m smaller then the biggest cruise ship in the world The Queen Mary II.

I learnt alot while working on this project. Things like when the ship is in port, all the shops and casino is closed. The reason for that is becuase all the shops are Tax Free shops and while not in International waters the casino has to pay taxes to the respective countries. Apparently the credit card terminals in the casino clears million dollars a day and once every month there will be a high roller that would swipe their credit card for 5 million dollars. Now that is crazy.

On Wednesday i went back to port klang to install our products on one of the other ships in the fleet, Super Star Pisces. This ship used to be a ferry and it was used to ferry passenger cars from one area to the other. Something like the Penang Ferry service but much better. It was converted to a passenger cruise ship later on in its life.

The Super Star Pisces is about half the size of the Super Star Virgo.

Super Star Virgo is berthed on the outside of the pier and Super Star Pisces is berthed on the inside. This is the reason why i used to go to Port Klang every Thursday for my date. :)

Anyone feeling like going on a Cruise? We all can go for a cruise and hopefully i will be posted on the ship for the pilot phase. It would be fun :)


  1. and there's a star cruise every sunday that visits Swettenham Port in George Town and create MASSIVE jams....

  2. Hahahaha. Soon there will be 2 ships stopping in Penang. Super Star Virgo will be there every Sunday and Pisces will actually operate from Penang. Enjoy. Haha