22 February 2010

Tiger year calls for Tiger Celebration

This year there is much talk about the Tiger year. About how it is not good to get married because it will end up in divorce. It not good to have kids because the kids will turn out to be fierce like tigers. However in the year of the tiger we should all celebrate like tigers. I am sure some of us during the CNY celebrated a little too much. I know someone did......

The "tiger" which is "drunk" in the tiger box is actually my bro's "tiger" named Trippy(doesn't respons to the name Trippy, only the sounds of food). The picture and caption was also done by him. So cute and funny. More pictures taken by my bro can be found here

Happy Tiger Year Everyone. Do not end up like the tiger in the tiger box. Haha


  1. post the stretchy one..that one also very cute!!..hahah

  2. Hahahah.

    That is for another post. HAhahaha