23 February 2010

The morning after

Nothing happened lar. All you dirty minded people.Anyway the morning after the celebration at the Goh's we all met up again for breakfast. Initially we were all crazy enough to even contemplate going for a jog at Subang lake at 8am in the morning. Lucky at around 2am in the morning we all realised that none of us can actually jog in our sleep deprived and drunk (mostly the guys) self. So we settle to head to Green Leaf restaurant in SS 15 for some nasi lemak instead.

My alarm rang at exactly 9am and 1 minute later, I got a sms from Steph saying "WAKEUP!". I crawled off the bed and started getting ready to head for breakfast. As again me and Amy where the first one there and later to be joined first by our good Dr, followed by Steph, Sharon and De Way. Bee Chin FFK us and Saw Wen came in De Way's car because he was too drunk to drive himself home less then 7 hours ago. Last to arrive was Mark and Felisha.

Even at a simple breakfast we cannot stand not cam whoring....

After De Way showing of expression yesterday, Saw Wen really "beh" "tahan" overnight already. So after some nasi lemak she also let go of all her multiple personalities....
 Contemplating Saw Wen

Agreeing Saw Wen

I am watching you Saw Wen

Now i am watching the other side Saw Wen

I am wathing the other side while smiling Saw Wen

Althought not as animated as De Way, Saw Wen showed us that she also has many multiple personalities. The rest of the girls started to feel left out so they joined in the fun.

Is it Fiona or Steph?

Caught in the Act Sharon

Ninja Steph

Half way eating Sharon while Dr Kelvin looks on

Thong wear on the face Sharon

We all had our fill of nasi lemak and our drinks and all we did was sit around and talked till everyone decided to leave. It was a great morning after and guess what I didn't get a handover. I seriously thought I would get one because as I was going to bed I had this thrombing headache and I felt like puking all the time. 

Door is closed to end of the morning after already. However realise something, in the 2 mangkuk-itis  gathering recently, we all forgot to take group pictures. Oh well till next time. Happy Chinese New Year.


  1. very nice closure woman! very nice and creative! i love the door knob pic...

  2. Hahahahah.

    That is the only non human picture i took and i liked it. So had to fit it in somehow. Came up with some stupid idea. Haha

  3. You have this amazing ability to turn unattractive places (Greenleaf) into attractive pictures (by focusing on beautiful subjects instead of crappy aesthetics). Awesome-pawsome!! :)

  4. Ah this is where the lens comes into play. It is the lens that makes everything looks nice. Haha.

    Lucky most of my subjects are beautiful.