14 February 2010

Happy Chinese New Year 2010

The time has come where the weather gets extremely hot, people stuff themselves full of cookies, kuchi, ba kwa and also mandarin oranges. The humble mandarin orange always gets a bad rep.


Everyone associates the humble mandarin oranges to being heaty and causes constipation. However if you look at the mandarin orange, you can see all the white fiber around the orange. The normal orange was never associated with constipation. It is the same family of fruit. So why does the mandarin orange get a bad rep?

I think people get constipated when eating mandarin oranges is because of bad timing. Most of the time, people only eat mandarin oranges during the Chinese New Year. During Chinese New Year people eat unhealthily. They do not drink enough water and get enough fibers. That is why constipated lar.

Okay enough of defending the mandarin oranges. Hog's Thoughts wishes all our readers a prosperous Chinese New Year.


  1. Happy New Year Jase!!! And about the Energizer night race: can't sign up lah coz I'm gonna be attending a wedding in Bali :p I think I will be doing the half KL marathon in June? (barring any work that will prevent me from being back in KL)

  2. Wah i would take a wedding in bali then running in Cyberjaya wei.

    Sorry I am not as ganas as you man. 7.7km already want to die. 10km really die already. 21km straight to heaven or hell. :0