02 February 2010

Mangkuk-Itis Lo Sang

The time has come where most chinese restaurant sharpen their knife sharp sharp waiting for "water fish" to walk into their trap. So before everything goes up after CNY, the mangkuk-itis has decided to take a pro-active step to have our lo sang dinner before CNY.

Ju Kuang aka Russel (the cute boy scout from UP) suggested that we had dinner at Pantai Seafood in Damansara. The main reason for going for the dinner is.....

It was nothing fantastic really. The salmon wasn't that fresh and it wasn't that tasty anyway. Then again, i have eaten quite a few Lo Sang and most of them do not taste great anyway. The most important thing of course is the company for dinner...

Does Ju Kuang not look like Russel from up?


Ju Kuang also agrees and say he looks a little like Russel. Hehe.


Our official photographer giving is best cool looking pose but then went back to his normal-self 2 seconds later.


All the girl decided to wear red and apparently it was agreed during breakfast. 


Our resident angry person Sharon Chan is living up to her name as usual. I tried to get her to smile but to no avail...

Smile lar Sharon. Like that only can get handsome boyfriend mah.


Jon was the only guy who actually paid attention during breakfast and wore red for the dinner. Good for you Jon.

MeiMon (MEI Foong and siMON) also joined us for the dinner and they were excused since they were too lazy to join us for the morning jog and hence they didn't know the theme was red. The funny thing is everyone actually remembered that last year Mei Foong didn't wear red for our Mangkuk-itis CNY lunch.

As usual like i said in my previous post, a mangkuk-itis meeting is not complete without a group picture...

This is how everyone reacted when my camera almost dropped from my bag onto the floor. They were actually more worried that we would not get a group picture more then my camera.

After dinner all of us adjourned to Hard Rock Cafe for some live music. The band T-Rex was playing and i didn't really enjoyed it. The first session they played retro music and as Mark put it, Hardrock does not play hard rock. The second session was better but the music was so much louder then the singing that i could not even hear them singing. After the second session i called it quits because my ear was ringing and i was already half deaf. The crazy thing was even the next day i was half deaf.


  1. Oi oi oi, now I know where to get your photos from..ngek ngek.

    And how to display a bigger photo? Those on wenway82 is so t.i.n.y. =\

  2. *ROTFL* every mangkuk has a classic look la! examine every photo!!

    but is uber impressive photos la woman! as usual, u rock!

  3. De Way: Haha. Lucky i shot in RAW and you could not open it. Under the settings there is actually a new way to post write your post. Use the new way and everytime you upload a picture you can choose the extra large photo.

    Sharon: Actually you are right. I am going to start a collection. I like this set very much and i am trully drooling over the 50mm F1.4. So worth the money especially when you do not pay for it. Haha

  4. Omg, why was I pulling my hair? haha

  5. HAHA! Love this set of pics! And your friend IS Russell.

  6. Steph: Really have no idea. However i love the picture since it was a really natural reaction from everyone.

    V: Thanks. Yea now we actually call him Russell. Hahaha