08 February 2010

Slow Shutter Speed

The art of photograph is pretty simple, it is basically a study of light. The main purpose of photography is to control the amount of light that hits the sensor or film using 3 settings (apperture, shutter speed and iso). Most of the time people want sharp photos hence the shutter speed is usually fast.

However sometimes it is fun to shoot slow shutter speed as the effects are different. This was shot a long time ago with my bro but i was too lazy to process any of it.

One night me and my bro got bored at home, so we decided to take out cameras ot with some tripods and hit a pedestrial bridge to catch some streaks of lights from cars.

I call this photo star light star bright. As you can see point of lights appear like stars. This is caused by the apperture of the camera.

This one is balance between evil (red) and good (white)

We were fortunate enough there was no one on the bridge so i managed to catch this picture. It is the opposite of walking into the light. This is walking into the darkness.

After a while we got bored and decided to bring ourselves towards the ground level. This is where things get interesting. Almost every car that drove pass us slowed down. The reason for that is they most likely think we were speed camera. So we are actually doing Subang Jaya a favour. Haha.

This is the best shot i got from the day. I call this picture space warp. It looks like a space ship just warped into hyperspace. Yes i am trekky. :)

This one kinda looks like people shoot with laser guns.

Don't mind the white balance on these photos. When i took this pictures i still didn't really understand the concept of white balance. In fact come to think of it, i still do not. Hope you all enjoyed the pictures.


  1. I'm a Trekkie too!!! Haha. Love the light shots!! :)

  2. Haha. I know you are a Voyager person.

    Thanks. I think this is becoming a photo blog